Anarchy and Me |Gabriel Leif Bellman

Just to see (in my youth)
What it would be like
(railing against fossil fuels at the time from my high steed, fixed wheel bike)
I took an anarchist position against the mainstream populism ^LIKE
Wearing NIKEs a black shirt and your average on demand disposition on my face
I made a somewhat nondescript expression (based partly on the composition of my race)
Sometime in the night (around eleven)
I had a natural predisposition to question all the answers of the land purveyors
Mostly they told me “it was the way it was” for the benefit of their ancestors
I couldn’t Fault them for being near San Andreas
“After all,” they admitted, “it’s why they pay us”
Maybe it was my bus token mood
Or the fact that despite all the mansplain mouth moving I was still hungry for food
I realize only now that at that time in my life I hadn’t eaten sardines in just under four months
I’d been subsisting on a sardine-less diet of bread meats water holes and cheeses
Afflicted, at the time, as it were, that summer by the sneezes
My nose was in the habit of being tickled up with rages
Looking back at all those printed words on bounded arial fonting pages
What’s read black and white all over?
Why does Delaware have every corporate tax loop headquartered outside of Dover?
I ate clover (I was young)
It tasted nothing like sardines.

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