A Brief Tune Played with Rabbit and Mortality | Glen Dodge

i discovered my grave yesterday
walked over that patch of sand
played my spine with my feet
a cartoon xylophone
cold as freezing
in the midnight desert
just a few feet off the asphalt court
with the Milky Way staining the sky
thinking to shoot hoops by starlight
the Santa Fe climate drying me out
cracking the blunt webs between my fingers
aching my lungs
even as the scent of candlewood tried to soothe me
flowers red as old blood drops
i loped stiff after an egregious miss
saw a rabbit flick into the saltbush
took that first step off court
struck the first note of the tune of my mortality
jaunty in a major key
then step by step in the sand
played it to inevitability
tenacious as a cholla spine
longer than the arc of stars
balanced on my head

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